Why keep bees?

Whether you want honey bees to pollinate your garden, produce honey for your family and friends, connect you to nature, the environment, and the community, or all the above, Southeast Beescapes provides the services to make it easy to keep bees.



Having honey bees in your garden, backyard, farm, or in any other greenspace could greatly impact the landscape. Increased pollination can improve plant yields, make flowers more vibrant and hardy, and in turn better feed the pollinators whose populations are declining worldwide.  


Honey bees are an easy gateway to understanding nature and the delicate balance between humans and the environment in which we live. 

There is also a strong community of beekeepers nationwide as well as in your local area. Many cities have their own beekeepers association that can provide support, advice, and education, as well as organize meetings and events.



Honey, pollen, and propolis are all by-products of keeping honey bees. They can help make the whole experience rewarding, exciting, and sweet.

Hive Installation and Year-round Maintenance and Support from a Certified Beekeeper


For a one-time fee per hive, I will consult with you, decide on the best location for the hives, organize all the materials necessary, and install the colony of bees in the hive bodies at the appropriate time of year.

For an annual fee per hive, I will make bi-monthly visits to your hives, inspect for signs of a healthy hive and look for symptoms of disease. If a problem is diagnosed, the appropriate steps will be taken to regain the health of the hive. You will be given detailed reports on each hive per visit.

If you're interested in moving forward, check out more information including the prices listed in the "About" section, or go ahead and give me a call or send me an email.