Established in 2016, the mission of Southeast Beescapes has always been to care for bees and the landscapes that support them.





Brooke Vacovsky began beekeeping in 2014 through the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project. The interest quickly grew into a passion as she went from volunteer to student assistant to Certified Beekeeper in May 2015. On October 28th, 2016, Southeast Beescapes L.L.C. was incorporated.

While the company was growing, Brooke took on a job with the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. Here, she developed a passion for healthy urban ecosystems that can support pollinators of all kinds. This inspired her to offer more services as part of Southeast Beescapes: invasive plant removal and pollinator garden installation. In these ways, the company is able to care for bees and the landscapes that support them.

Southeast Beescapes is always looking to partner with qualified and interested beekeepers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you'd like to help expand the Southeast Beescapes team, please reach out.