Established in 2016 by Certified Beekeeper Brooke Vacovsky


Mission Statements:

1) To facilitate the connection between humans and nature by making it easy to install bee hives in gardens, farms, and backyards.

2) To provide the highest quality beekeeping services to customers.

3) To give back to the community by helping reestablish the bee populations of the area.


Current Clients

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Brooke Vacovsky
Founder, President, Beekeeper

I began beekeeping in 2014 through the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project ( The interest quickly grew into a passion as I went from a volunteer to student assistant to certified beekeeper in May 2015. On October 28th, 2016, Southeast Beescapes L.L.C. was incorporated.

Southeast Beescapes is always looking to partner with qualified and interested beekeepers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you'd like to help expand the Southeast Beescapes team, please contact me.

Services Offered

Hive Installation

 - $500 per hive

 - one-time fee

This service will get honey bee hives in your backyard or garden by next Spring, as well as everything you need to successfully house honey bees.

What the service includes (per hive):

  • One honey bee colony with one laying queen
  • One hive set-up, including one hive body, 2 medium supers, one screened bottom board, one inner cover, one outer cover, one hive stand, and 30 frames
  • One consultation to determine the appropriate location for the hive and to address any questions or concerns
  • The labor required to install the hive on-site

Hive Maintenance

 - $1000 per hive

 - yearly fee

Combined with the Hive Installation service, this is the perfect way to get all the benefits of beekeeping without the hassle or mess. This service is also for people who already have bees, and would like to outsource the maintenance efforts.

What the service entails:

  • Bi-monthly hive inspection
  • Honey extraction and bottling
  • Disease and pest diagnosis and treatment
  • Full reports on each hive, accessible online at any time

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Contact for Details and Pricing

Teddy Bear Honey Jars

Additional Hive Parts

Personalized Hive Painting

Additional Hive Visits or Consultation

Swarm Catching/Removal

Beekeeping Lessons

Beekeeping Protective Clothing (Veil, Jacket, Suit, Gloves, etc.)

Beekeeping Equipment (Hive tool, Bee Brush, Honey Extractor, etc.)